Taste the Rainbow

So this is a topic that I go on about repeatedly, the more colours you eat the more variety of nutrients you are putting into your body. Obviously I don’t mean a plate of colourful Haribo… Various vegetables/fruits and their colourings contain specific minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Below I have summarised this to make it a little more understandable;

  • Red Foods: Protects from Cancer & Heart Disease, Supports DNA & Urinary tract.
  • Green Foods: Supports eye health, arterial function, lung & liver function and promotes healing
  • Purple Foods: Great for heart, brain, bone and cognitive (mental) health. Supports healthy ageing. (You will probably get sick of me mentioning the antioxidant king; Blueberries. They are classed as a ‘superfood’, but for us students can be fairly pricey. Frozen fruits are a good alternative if you are on a low budget.
  • Yellow Foods: Enhances eye health and immune system.
  • White Foods: Great for the health of arterial functions, healthy bones and fights heart disease and Cancer.

Now this is just me generalising… we are all individuals who require different amounts of the essentials to function at our best.  It is the jobs of Nutritionists and Dietitian’s to work with people on this…. So I will share all my findings with you. 

If this is all new to you, don’t panic! My best advice to you is to PLAN PLAN PLAN. Dedicate some time to plan or at least think about your meals for the week. This is a great tip if you struggle budgeting, it also enables you to take a step back and look at what you are eating. Try to incorporate a few colour variations per day/meal, play around with your food and find things you enjoy. I don’t necessarily count calories, it depends on what I am doing. My main focus is cooking nutritions and wholesome meals for myself. I haven’t mentioned the specific minerals and vitamins in each colour group because the list would be pages long, so I hope my summary gives you a bit of an indication of the values of the colour groups. Again please comment if you have any questions or would like more information, I’d quite happily chat about this topic for hours!!

So… what should I eat you ask? Below are some meal ideas, and examples of foods I eat. (I will post about the forms of cooking separately as this is also extremely important) 

So I try to have a minimum of 2 different colours per meal, below is my typical food diary:

Breakfast: Porridge with 2x fruits (banana, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries etc) or I will make a breakfast smoothie combining fruit, veg and nuts/protein. I will post recipes soon!

Lunch: Salad combining greens such as spinach, kale or lambs lettuce/rocket, peppers, pomegranate seeds, avocado…. My salads are jam packed! I team up my fresh foods with chicken, beans, nuts and or other sources of protein and/or carbohydrates.

Dinner: Again a few more veggies, carrots and asparagus for example. Or a stir fry/home made curry mixed with something filling such as lentils, chicken, turkey or beans.

This is just a bit of an idea, I’m working on a ‘Recipes’ section of the site which will, I hope, be up and running in a few months once I compile everything together. But I hope this has been informative, it was quite a brief post but just a bit of a snippet of the types of things I’ll be posting about! 🙂 


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