It’s that time of year… Beat the Flu!

Hey! So for today’s post I’m taking advantage of my Flu ridden body and testing a few ‘Flu Busting’ tricks, plus trying some of my own.
So life has been very manic over the past couple of weeks! We have our first batch of assessments next week at University and I’ve started working for Topshop (Flagship store in London…. Blog post regarding this to follow). So with all of this, plus a few late nights my body has decided enough is enough, have a lovely present and enjoy this Flu that is giving you no other choice but to relax.
I hate being poorly, I find it impossible to just lay in bed all day, it makes me feel worse. But today I’ve not had a lot of choice, so this afternoon I have completed a couple of Yoga flows with my favourite Yogi Youtube Channel, ‘Yoga with Adriene’. I really love her videos and her way of practising, she has yoga flows for many different things such as detoxing, anger management and for relaxation. I will pop a couple of videos in with this post, I highly recommend. Yoga is a fantastic way to move your body without over exertion. It really relaxes you and does wonders for the body without having to break a massive sweat and feel really exhausted. This combined with an immune boosting juice enabled me to get through a few hours of study so I don’t feel too behind on my work.

Immune Boosting Juice:
2 apples
1 Carrot
Fresh Ginger (approx a thumb size, grated/finely chopped)
1/3 tpsp Echinacea Tinchture

Fancy making your own Tincture?? Check out the link below!

How to Make Echinacea Tincture (it’s easy)

I had this juice with my breakfast alongside a bowl of porridge made with almond milk. I avoid dairy whenever possible, especially when I’m run down.

Foods to avoid when you are poorly:
Refined Sugars – I know this is what you crave when you are poorly, nothing looks more attractive than those biscuits in the cupboard right?! Try to swap for some fruit and if you really need something sweet, team up with some oat cream.
Wheat/Dairy – Hard to digest foods should be avoided, stick to natural raw foods and pile in the fruit and veg where you can. Homemade soups are really comforting over the Winter months.
Alcohol – Big NO when you are feeling unwell, we want to boost our immune systems not slow it down. Flush the toxins away with water (try adding some lemon, mint and/or cucumber to make it a little more exciting). Also fruit teas carry zero sugar and are comforting when you are feeling low.

Raw Banana Pancakes
1/2 bananas
1 large egg
dash of dairy free milk (almond, hemp, soya)
2 tbsp rolled oats

mash together until desired consistency and then fry in coconut oil until cooked through! Team up with blueberries and a fruit smoothie for a fantastic health boosting treat.

Okay so another thing, don’t stress! Find acceptance in how you are feeling, try to live in the moment. You are poorly so be kind to yourself. Read a book, watch your favourite movie and take some time for yourself. Take a long hot bath, pop some lavender or mint oil into the bath and breathe. What are your Flu remedies? Comment below i’d love you hear from you!


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