Stress. Find your C.A.L.M

It’s been a while since my last post, as I will be honest, it’s tough finding topics to blog about that I think will genuinely inspire interest. I have started up a Facebook page where I have been sharing some health topics that interest me, just search ‘YouniFood’

I am also rethinking my choice of name for this blog! I want something more personal to me and that isn’t limited by just talking about food… I have an interest in far too many topics, so expect an extravagant name change at some point when I think of something clever.

So back to the present moment, I’ve been full of university assessments and work. Working for Topshop is great fun, but a big strain on my energy reserves! Plus lots of heavy revision for my first bunch of exams, which are now over (woooooo). But, I’ve now finally found the space to do some of my own writing and I’m going to focus the first part of this post on something I think  lot of people struggle with; stress!

Okay so we’ve all been stressed, tense and anxious, but sometimes it just doesn’t shift and builds up until we feel a little crazy… This has been me lately! I have barely had the chance to breathe and process everything that has been going on around me, but through out off of this I’ve found a few little techniques that have helped me through.

  1. Realising it’s okay to feel stressed. Stress reactions are perfectly normal and natural, if you feel tensions rising don’t suppress them. Give them some attention and figure out what is causing them and what their intentions are. This sounds a bit silly right? No! I was on the tube back from a hectic shift at work and it was packed, I was already feeling tense and it reached it’s peak at the worst possible moment. I wanted to scream (but obviously one can’t really do that in public….), so I took time to focus on my thoughts. Why was I suddenly more stressed than I was half an hour ago when my troubles were exactly the same? I realised it was because I was tuning in to others way too much, the couple next to me were squabbling and a lady next to me was worrying about her sister (I think, I stopped paying attention). I created a little imaginary bubble around myself and realised that literally everyone was feeling,or had felt, the same as me at some point and that it’s okay. No matter how large or small your worries feel they are yours and you are allowed to have them, you just have to find some patience with yourself. This moves on to my next point…
  2. Break things down. I find writing everything down a big help. Write down the top three things that are really bringing you down, spend some time thinking about the causes and then look into ways that you think you could improve them. This doesn’t have to take long, just 20 minutes or so. For me my major worry was my exams and finding the time to revise properly. I looked at my timetable and realised that I actually had plenty more time that I felt because I hadn’t really thought about it properly. I had just been revising whilst thinking about the next time I could revise… Vicious cycle that had to stop. Now this is a small worry compared to some I have had and you can use this technique for anything. Find your own way of expressing and coming to terms with your troubles.
  3. Recall the positives. Behind all your worries lies all the happy thoughts being pushed away, let them surface! What are you grateful for? Who/what brings you joy? It is always easier to deal with life when you are feeling a little more positive. Positivity breeds positivity.

Find your C A L M

Comfort Accept Love Magnify

This is just a little affirmation I developed for myself. Discover your comfort sources and use them, accept your emotions, remember it’s wonderful to find love in yourself and magnify the positives.





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