Hello Real Talk, Hello to Real Life. Miss Saigon & Manchester

My vow off silence has been broken, hooray! I have spent the past couple of months doing a bit of soul searching, focusing on my study, work and reshuffling my life a little. I am finally feeling a little clearer and ready to publish again.


So, slight name change! Sadly you cannot change the original WordPress link (if you can, please let me know, technology is not my strong point). I have spent a good hour surfing YouTube watching various bloggers discussing an array of topics and I had the thought that I want to blog about life, truthful tales about my life. So welcome to Joelys real talk about real life!

January is always a depressing month for me due to the lack of money and dreary English weather, this year felt even more so as I completely lost my focus at University and became very lost about my goals and intentions. I didn’t know what I wanted any more and lost my confidence, but slowly after being patient with myself I am now feeling a little better. Incredibly there is only just over a month left of University, which is crazy. Time is flying by! My grades are good so I must be doing something right somewhere! But enough of the moaning as that does not make for good reading.

So I want to start off by noting that last weekend I went to watch the final West End performance of Miss Saigon. Oh my it was incredible, such an amazing atmosphere and also highly emotional.


(That tiny cup of Prosecco was £9.50… I will never ever forgive myself to mishearing the lady next to me who sounded like she said it was £5.50 which I was willing to pay for as a treat to myself. Never again will I be so foolish, I am not sure how theatres get away with this! )But anyway…

Eva Noblezada who plays the lead character ‘Kim’ was once again amazing, her voice brought tears to my eyes. I cannot believe she is only 18, utterly incredible. She’s going to go so far in this industry, I hope to one day see her on Broadway as she is reprising her role across the pond!

The entire cast were full of so much energy, you could tell they were enjoying themselves and we had a lovely treat at the end with a speech from Cameron Mackintosh himself commending the cast, crew and orchestra for their efforts. It was such a lovely evening to be a part of. Musical theatre has always been such a big enjoyment in my life, although I did not pursue a career with it, musicals will always be close to my heart. I intend to watch as many shows as I can this year (student budget providing of course). Hopefully I’ll be able to watch Wicked for the 100th time… There are a lot of new shows coming out this year and shows I have yet to see. I cannot wait to watch the fabulous Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard at the end of the year and also the new production of Mrs Henderson Presents.


I recently took a trip up to Manchester to visit a friend and had a wonderful time, although the weather was terrible it was such a fun weekend. A couple of recommendations, you must visit these places if you go.

  1. Sugar Junction (60 Tib St, Manchester M4 1LG). This little cafe was really cute with old fashioned decor and a Victorian feel. We had high tea and I completely indulged in cake and sugar. The staff were lovely and the place had a great atmosphere. Their Guinness chocolate cake was to die for.

Cake overload and a tired travel face

2. The Alchemist, Spinningfields. This resturant and bar has a great science/experiment theme! The decor is great with giant molecules hanging from the windows. Shots come in test tubes, cocktails smoke/catch fire, all in all its a really good place for a laugh although it is a little pricey it’s worth it! Some of the cocktail flavours were ridiculous. I have just found out there is one in London which I will most definitely visit! Thank you to Yan Couper-Harris for the video below, it shows the madness pretty well:



3. Finally! We visited the famous Cloud 23 at the Hilton Hotel. This bar has stunning views across the city due to being on the 23rd floor! I recommend popping in purely for the view! Even though it was a rainy day and we were soaked it was still a lovely stop off before I got the train home. However, the service was terrible. It took ages for our order to be taken, and after waiting nearly half and hour for our drinks we gave up and had to leave as my train home was imminent. I don’t like to give bad reviews as it doesn’t reflect the place as a whole but it had to be noted.


All in all this year is on its way up! I aim to start searching for fun places in London and to post more information about my fitness workouts and nutrition ideas. Plus a potential fun collaboration with other bloggers and my experience of IV Drip Therapy, with thanks to Reviv Wellness clinics. xox


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