Bored in London? Go undercover Tourist


So this week I have had some extra time to myself and there are a few things in London I haven’t seen before or haven’t seen in a long time. So I took advantage of the sunshine and decided to do my favourite thing…. Which is to explore and wander around. When I was travelling I used to get so much joy from just exploring different places!


First stop, Buckingham Palace. Now most Londoners groan at the thought of going near it due to the flock of tourists and selfie sticks that are drawn to the area but not me (this is a one off as usually I would do my best to avoid such things). Working for the worlds largest Topshop I am slightly immune to tourists, I can’t really complain about them because as soon as I go somewhere new I become one.

I was much more impressed by the Queen Victoria Memorial than the actual ‘palace’ itself. Highlight was getting run into by a cyclist who decided to tell me what a cycle track was…. Which brought out my inner sarcastic goddess as I wasn’t on a cycle track, he was cycling on the ‘non cycling’ path…. But considering how angry he got about my presence I decided to laugh and continue on my explorations.

From here I walked to South Kensington and Knightsbridge, which was lovely as the sun was shining and I walked along residential streets which was much more therapeutic. My destination, The Natural History museum.



I absolutely love this place, there is always something new. My main aim was to use this as an educational field trip, as the museum hosts a great Human Biology zone. But I spent a lot of time (most of my time) in the Red Zone, which hosts numerous volcanic and geographical displays. I have always been fascinated by the power of mother nature. I like how the exhibitions are always up to date with the latest information.

Referring back on my post about stress management, this is one thing I love to do when I am able! Finding your CALM (Comfort, Accept, Love, Magnify). This, I find, is always easier to do during a nice long walk outside. Thank you for reading


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