IV Drip Therapy, REVIV Experience Review

‘REVIV is the leading global provider of wellness treatments with IV Infusions and Booster Shots’.

Today I was lucky enough to pop into their Knightsbridge clinic to take a look around and try a couple of the treatments. Due to laws clinics such as Reviv are limited to what they can publicly advertise and so social media is their outlet with a lot of celebrity figures endorsing the treatments. What initially got my attention was the way in which it was being portrayed as a treatment to use just when you’re hungover, as though it justified getting incredibly drunk and just using this to recover. It made me a little mad as it just seemed to be another way to separate ‘Celebs’ from everyone else (since opening in 2014 they have only had 4 clients coming in due to being hungover I have since discovered). Reviv were lovely enough to get in touch with me to let me try out the experience for myself!



Initially I was quite apprehensive, I’ve never been admitted to hospital nor had an IV drip let alone elected to have one. I was totally surprised, there was no ‘sterile white hospital’ vibe. The atmosphere was totally chilled and friendly, almost spa like! It was fun just chatting to the girls and having a laugh. Located in a quiet and peaceful building Reviv is a bit of a hidden gem if you crave peace within the chaos.

All staff are trained by Reviv and go through monthly training workshops so you can be assured you are under the best professional care. All products are created and tested by Reviv’s own Pharmacologists/Doctors and the testing is extensive. All measurements of vitamins, amino acids etc are considered and work well together to form the perfect balance. This is what sets it apart from your average ‘multivitamin’ supplement. Some micronutrients slow down the uptake of other micronutrients, essentially they cancel each other out. With Reviv’s solutions this has been carefully considered. This form of intake goes immediately into the blood stream and so all content is available for the body to use, in comparison daily tablets take much longer to be absorbed, they usually need food to assist in this process and a lot of the content is destroyed in the stomach before taken into the cells. The Reviv website which is listed above has a comprehensive analysis of the treatments under the ‘Clinical Science’ tab. I chose to try out the ‘Megaboost Wellness Infusion’ this one being describes as aiding:

– Hydration
– Replenishes Essential Minerals & Vitamins
– Boosts Immune System
– Delivers An Energy Boost
– Detoxifies The Body
– Cleanses Vitals Organs

Containing vitamin B12, Magnesium, Electrolytes plus more. For a comprehensive list of the other infusions please visit their website.

Having the drip inserted wasn’t nearly as terrifying as I imagined, a little uncomfortable for about 5 seconds but a local anaesthetic was popped on the skin first so that kicked in quickly. I didn’t feel anything when I was on the drip initially, just very relaxed. I could of easily had a snooze! Near the end of the treatment I started to feel a little cold and had a bit of a ‘buzz’ I was told this was the magnesium. It lasted only for about 5/10 minutes. It was a little unnerving but I was made to feel comfortable and told it was totally normal. It was actually a fun feeling (if that even makes sense….), nice to know the treatment was actually having an effect and it wasn’t just a bag of saline!


Info on the wall at the clinic

Next up was the SlimBoost booster shot. Shown to:

– Detoxifies the Body
– Augments Red Blood Cell Production
– Helps Regulate Sleep, Mood and Appetite Cycles
– Boosts Immune System
– Enhances Metabolism To Promote Natural Weight Loss

This was inserted in the buttock (love this word….) and was just a quick injection. I didn’t even feel this, a little sting when the solution was inserted due to its thick concentrated consistency but nothing of note. This shot is not designed for weight loss I would like to note. It has been shown to assist due to the content speeding up the metabolism so when combined with exercise and a nutrient dense diet this is a great add on. I would recommend this over any ‘Teatox’ as this does not upset the digestion in any way.

Some extra pointers that interested me, the UltraReviv infusion has been used by a lot of post chemotherapy patients to aid in recovery due to the high amounts of Glutathione (aids in cellular protection) which I think is fantastic. The staff have also been kind enough to research into if this treatment can help with other health issues not previously considered, (other infusions contain anti-inflammatories and antihistamines). They genuinely care about their clientele.

Okay to let’s talk budget, infusions start from £99 (for the Hydration infusion) in the UK with the ‘Royal Flush’ being the most pricey (up to £300). The booster shots are a cheaper and less time consuming alternative. The infusions take around half an hour 30 be fully administered. The clinic also offers 30% off every Wednesday so make sure to book on those days to reap the rewards! I am a student and so financially this isn’t a commitment I can make continuously but I have no negative views towards the treatments and it’s left me feeling but best I have felt all winter! Perfect way to start the Spring season.

An hour post treatment I felt lovely, very hydrated!! I don’t drink enough water in general so to feel properly hydrated is total bliss. Now I’m not saying use this instead of drinking water, this is just for comparison, it will motivate me to take in more fluids from now on and  to take care of myself a little better. Water is vital for all the biological processes and chemical reactions happening in our bodies and without enough we simply cannot function successfully. I need to remember this, practise what you preach Joely….

No pain post treatment either, sometimes I get a bit achy post injection but I have no discomfort which is lovely. Feeling very relaxed and at ease, so I’m taking advantage of this and going to get in a good workout at the gym and some exam preparation! I will hopefully be visiting their Las Vegas clinic this summer so I will make sure I keep you all updated on that trip.

I hope this has been a beneficial post and if you have any questions please pop them in the comments box or email me directly at joelyfranklin@gmail.com

Thanks for reading xox


2 thoughts on “IV Drip Therapy, REVIV Experience Review

  1. Gemma says:

    Hi, I’m looking into booking an IV and a booster shot for myself and a friend. How long did you feel the benefits for? Was it longer than a few days? Thanks.


    • joelyfranklin says:

      Hi Gemma! For me personally the effects of the drip lasted only 24hrs or so! As you flush it out quite quickly once it’s been absorbed but the energy boost shot I felt more energised for a couple of days and my skin was a lot brighter. Hope this helps! The girls at Revive were really lovely definitely drop them an email if you’re interested!


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