Undercover Tourist, Thames River Cruise


Quick review of the Thames River Cruise I did with a friend from Embankment to Greenwich this afternoon! Seeing as I live in London, it’s surprising how much of it I haven’t seen so this, plus the glorious sunshine, was the perfect way to sight see.


During this 40 minute trip you do manage to see a lot of historical landmarks! Along with Canary Warf, Docklands and the famous HMS Belfast! I highly recommend if you aren’t in London long but want to see all the famous spots! Plus it’s lovely and relaxing! Even if the weather isn’t up to scratch all the boats have indoor seating areas along with a little cafe. It worked out cheaper for us to get the boat trip with running commentary about landmarks we passed, these include the Globe Theatre, St Pauls Cathedral, London Bridge and the Tower of London. I did have a little video… But I have yet to learn how to use HTML coding to upload mp4 files….. One day I will discover my hidden technical genius!  Historically I did learn a few fun facts that I will be able to pull out when talking to people, such as the ‘Traitors Gate’ by the Tower London. I haven’t lived in London my entire life so I’m not fully equipped with local history but it was great fun discovering all these things.

Greenwich is lovely! It’s like a small, cute little English town but still part of London. I highly recommend if you are visiting. There are lots of independent shops and an indoor/outdoor market. I imagine in the summer months it will be one of my favourite spots to visit.

Short post today! But wanted to share. Thanks for reading xoxo



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