Mini Review – Beyonce’s IVY PARK ‘athleisure’ line


Quick little post all about the launch of a new exciting brand for women, co-designed by one of my favourite women Beyonce (anyone that knows me personally will know how much I love her…. )

So Ivy Park is a collaboration between Bey herself and Sir Phillip Green (owner of Arcadia group). It is a permanent addition to Topshop stores worldwide  (also in JD Sports and Net-a-Porter in the UK) and will be selling garments made for the gym, dance and/or leisure. The style of ‘athleisure’ is fast becoming the most popular type of clothing worn by 15-35’s. I noticed it first when I was in Australia, all the girls were wearing gym clothes as opposed to other garments. I love it…. Thinking about what to wear everyday really stress’s me out and I really value comfort! Living in London, you can be more expressive with your fashion choices and I absolutely love it! But I have also found myself walking absolutely everywhere, which in heeled boots can be a nuisance. Sadly I also reckon most of us cannot afford to dress how we would really like…. Anyway I went off topic there…

I was lucky enough to be an ambassador of the brand at the pre-launch last week at the flagship Topshop store, Oxford Circus.

(My computer keeps changing this to Toyshop… dream job right there working in a Toyshop….) So Ivy Park is a play on words, collaborating the word ‘Ivy’ (Beyonces daughters second name, it is also the roman numerals for the number 4 which is a number with close personal ties for her.) and ‘Park’ (comes from Parkwood, a park in which she used to run with her Dad as a child and a place that brings her peace and quiet). The slogan ‘Where is your park?’ simply means where is that place that relaxes you mentally and arouses good thoughts. Mine is anywhere by the ocean! Where is yours?

ivy launch.jpg

Classic case of ‘flat arm’, ‘dodgy side profile’ and a strange look of concern on my face at the pre-launch event. Taken from the Ivy Park Official Facebook page.

Prices range from around £15-£160 with many items being signature pieces and multifunctional. I treated myself to a few! Couldn’t resist. I am really happy with the quality of the garments, all are very breathable and well made. The leggings come in a range of styles with 3 waist heights and different leg lengths, they are also not a bad price when compared with brands such as Nike, Sweaty Betty and Lulumon. I would, however, like to see more colours available as I love bright exercise clothing.

Sizes range from an XXS to XL, closer to the sizing found in America. XXS being a UK 6. The sports bras are all medium support, which I worried about when running! But I was really surprised, I bought the logo bra (below) and it was really comfy when I went running, with little bounce occuring. I wouldn’t be so sure for ladies with a bigger chest, I think a higher level of support would be more comfortable. I am told this will be launching later on in the year. This is a brand that I feel has had a great response and is sure to grow! Below are a few of my favourite pieces from the collection:


Logo Bra £22


This body suit doubles up as swimwear with an auto-locking zip. I absolutely love it. But it was a little out of my price range at £105

crop tee.jpg

Crop tee, £20. I love this cobalt blue colour. This top would be great in summer, really sporty with the trademark ’04’ on the back.

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments please pop them below 🙂 xox


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